Session Recordings

How To Boost Your Creativity With Intense Silliness

Andy Boyle (Chicago Sun Times)

As communication professionals, we all sometimes get a bit too serious when developing ideas or thinking through how to solve problems. Andy will show you how to get out of that mindset—how to turn off your editor brain, the part of you that says your ideas aren’t good enough or they’re just flat-out bad—and turn on your jester brain, the true innovative center of your mind, through some fun exercises. By the end of this talk, you’ll know how to allow yourself to be more playful, expand your creativity and give yourself the power to say YES! to new and exciting ideas.

How to Talk to Your C-Suite About Brand

Greg Daake (Daake)

You will understand the three everlasting tenets of brand, the harmony and tensions between them, how to uncover your organizations truths for each and the vocabulary to speak authoritatively to your C-suite – so that brand has a seat at the table and isn’t something done off the side of a desk.

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Buttoning Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

Lyn Wineman & Jazmyn Brown (KidGlov)

Content marketing is the new marketing buzzword. But what does it mean and more importantly, how do you implement it for your audience?

Lyn and Jazmyn will walk through how to create client personas (bring a pen and paper for an exercise!), the holy trinity of content marketing, and how to create a full-fledged content marketing strategy that works for every single industry. They’ll wrap up by sharing the best tips for emails, search, and social and explain how all three work together to create the perfect, buttoned-up content marketing strategy.

Creating Inclusive Cultures Through
Internal Communications

Panel Discussion:
Megan Longo (Buildertrend)
Liz Ernst (Quantum Workplace)
Brei Wagner (Spreetail)
Zach Revense (Mutual of Omaha, Workplace Solutions)

Creating Inclusive Cultures Through Internal Communications – Diversity in an organization leads to stronger teams, increased productivity and greater innovation. But inclusion is what connects people to the organization and makes them want to stay. Panelists will share tips for fostering a company culture where everyone feels valued and internal communications strategies for staying connected virtually and beyond.

Open Discussion & Networking Room – Beginning or Building Your Career

Jamie Stricker (LinkedIn)

I don’t want to talk about DE&I either. The perfect time to talk about it.

Derek Walker (Brown & Browner)

No one really wants to talk DE&I in advertising. Talking race in America makes us so uncomfortable. Well, it is time for us all to be uncomfortable. Clients have accused agencies of being stale and predictable in their thinking, that we are not providing anything new or different. Well, how can we if the people who are creating the work for clients are all the same? Diversity, equity and inclusion are not feel-good initiatives, they are sound business principles. It has been proven that more diverse teams produce more creative and effective work. Let’s talk about how to do this.

The Time for Less is Now

Devin Owens (Less The Agency)

In an ever-changing digital age, how can we slow down and be more intentional in the content we develop and share? Without losing the community that rallies around our products or services? The time for less is now. Now more than ever, digital users are looking for personalized and streamlined content that speaks directly to them. It’s time to ditch the archaic social strategies that tell you to be all things, at all times, and in all places. In this breakout session, we’ll uncover the strategy in simplifying. Are you ready for less?

“Then & Now” – A Case Study From Bozell

Dan Cooper, Creative Director 

Kim Mickelsen, Chief Executive Officer

Jim Minge, Manager of Content Development

As a 100-year old agency, Bozell has lived by the vision to empower those who aspire to change the world. This vision, or purpose, was born out of the teaching “to pay rent for the space we occupy on this earth” and serves as their guide when it comes to making business decisions.

Tune in as members of the Bozell team revisit case studies from their 100-years of business, some from then and some from now. 

Breaking Through the Noise: The Keys to Social Media Success in 2021

Panel Discussion:

Emily Mazurek (Bailey Lauerman)
Regina DeMars (FNBO)
Tayte Jussell (Jacht Agency)
Maria Corpuz (Soul & Swag)

Breaking Through The Noise: The Keys to Social Media Success in 2021 – Social media isn’t a new strategy in the world of PR, but it’s ever-evolving. And if 2020 taught brands anything, it’s that social media can be a lifeline (or sinking ship) between you and your customers. Social media experts will discuss how to break through the noise, craft engaging content that sings to the right audience and mindfully approach the latest trends and causes.

Taking on the design project of a lifetime.

Lisa Babb (AIGA National Board)

All brands evolve. So what about the brand of you? 
We are living through what is unprecedented. The time has come once again to decide what is then, now, next, and after. At the intersection of age and stage, there is an opportunity to rebrand. How can we emerge stronger and more authentic than ever before?